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Lion House Brownstone Edition takes women’s recovery residence living to a new level in the heart of one of the best recovery communities in the country. A six month to one year stay in LHB can be an integral and life changing decision for our guests. Taking the time after inpatient treatment or coming to us for a fresh new approach to your long term recovery can make all the difference. Our approach is full case management as well as family engagement in a private and discret concierge setting. We have room for five guests with private rooms and full culinary support. We have partnered with a local yoga and fitness studio to heal the body along with the spirit. Having a beautiful and safe home to live and recover gives confidence to family members that their loved one has the support needed to re-build relationships and thrive.


Tara Heald


Tara Heald is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist for LHB and Director of Residents. After beginning her personal recovery journey in January 2019, she spent the last 4 years developing the supportive programming model at Lion House Como Park. She specializes in case management and connecting families and their loved ones with appropriate levels of care throughout the recovery process. She is tough, smart and passionate about helping women and their families find recovery.

Laurie Healy


Laurie is a CRAFT-certified Family Recovery Coach, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, and a family member of loved ones in recovery. Using evidence-based best practices informed by CRAFT, Invitation to Change, and Motivational Interviewing, she works with individuals and their families to help them understand the disease of addiction and how to implement compassionate communication strategies for healing and growth within the family. Laurie holds her B.A. in Communications and her career journey has also included training and instruction in wellness coaching. To learn more about Laurie and her work, visit

Clara Rothstein


Clara Rothstein is a certified interventionist and recovery life coach for Lion House Como Park and Lion House Brownstone. Through her own recovery journey Clara has developed a passion for helping young people navigate the challenges and struggles of early recovery. Clara is an amazing example of young recovery and what is possible. Clara specializes in working one on one with women in recovery helping them navigate the challenges that she overcame. She has found the passion and purpose that many young people are looking for and the ability to relate that in the real world for Lion House guests.

Patrick Flanagan – MHA, CIP


It does not get more Irish than Patrick Flanagan! In fall of 2019 Patrick co-founded the Lion House Como Park and in spring of 2020 opened The Irishman and Associates a CIP certified intervention and case management firm in St. Paul. Using his experiences (good and bad) to build relationships the past 4 years to help families with interventions and case management he will use these skills to help families of LHB. Patrick is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health with a Masters of Healthcare Administration. Learning the business side of healthcare has already made him better at helping families navigate the complicated process of recovery.

Ashley McFadzean


Ashley McFadzean is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist at The Lion House. She began her sobriety journey as a resident there and soon became a member of the team. As in-house support at The Lion House, Ashley soon realized her love for working with women in recovery and went on to get her certification as a Recovery Specialist. Ashley also has a B.S. in Anthropology from The University of Wisconsin.

Bronwyn Brewer


Bronwyn Brewer is the Culinary Specialist. Finding her recovery possible while living at the Lion House Recovery Residence, Bronwyn is combining her passion for recovery and cooking at the Lion House Brownstone. Providing creative healthy meals that make this recovery residence feel, smell and taste like home! Bronwyn also has a passion for art with a BA in Art from Boston University.

Jen Gilhoi


Jen Gilhoi is LHB’s Director of Outreach. As an outspoken advocate for a sober not somber lifestyle, Jen delivered a TEDxTalk on the subject that’s been viewed by a global audience. She’s passionate about the nonalcoholic movement and decentralizing the presence of alcohol in our social spaces and at events and gatherings. With her deep relationships in communities across MSP, Jen’s work with LHB creates more pathways for women who need a sober life-line. She believes in the LHB model of access, family integration, and the continuum of care from early to long-term sobriety to achieve successful outcomes for women.


In partnership with Irishman and Associates LHB offers full case management for our guests. Patrick Flanagan, CIP leads the Irishman and Associates case management team with deep relationships in the Twin Cities and national providers of best of class service and skills. LHB will offer full meals customized to a healthy lifestyle taking into account specific dietary needs of our five guests. LHB partners with local yoga and fitness studio Onx and Amelia to offer our guests an opportunity to heal the body. This can be done in studio or virtually at the home. Our concierge service extends to all medical needs. Med management, therapy, psychology and psychiatry needs are a high priority for our guests. We have the relationships to make this all happen with our partnerships.
















We accept females who are ready to take their recovery process to the next level. Some of our guests are looking for the next step from inpatient treatment. Some have been struggling for some time to remain in long term recovery and nothing else has seemed to work. We are a very small community – 5 guests – and offer a beautiful elevated living space with concierge recovery planning and family recovery coaching services while living at LHB.
LHB staff members are there each weekday including multiple individual meetings with the Director of Recovery, and specialists who are there at various times during the week. We always have staff available by phone who are only moments away. Bronwyn is our culinary specialist who lives on the property and is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist.
Yes! We want to support your recovery efforts in any way possible which means we want you to continue to work with your prescribing professional and other medical professionals on your path to wellness. We utilize certified medication administration staff who will assist clients with distributing 7 days’ worth of medication which the guest will manage on her own. Other medications will be kept in a locked safe until the week in which the medications are scheduled to take. We allow CBD products only with a doctor’s prescription and treat those items like any other medication being locked with other prescriptions.
Because we embrace individualized and curated recovery planning, urine drug testing is utilized randomly as well as individually based on a person’s needs.
Each guest’s situation will be determined by the specific details of the return to use.
Readmission to LHB is determined on an individual basis taking into account the specifics of the use; guest desire and attitude; general safety of the house, etc.
Yes, we highly encourage you to participate in either – depending on your situation. During your meetings with the Recovery Director you will be discussing how your work/school schedule fits in with your current recovery goals. You may be encouraged to work more hours or less hours depending on your particular recovery needs.
Besides work, school and meetings with the Recovery Director, we strongly recommend that you eat evening meals at home at least during the week. This will give you a strong connection with the other guests in the house. Yoga is available daily; and the neighborhood and city offer many attractions. We will help guests be mindful about how they plan their week making enough time for outside professional appointments, community 12-step or other recovery meetings and time to heal from their addiction, trauma and develop the recovery skills they may have missed in previous attempts at a recovery lifestyle.
Lion House Brownstone does not accept private insurance. Please contact us for financial and payment information.
Email us at [email protected]
Call us at 612-889-9182.


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“I came to St. Paul to get recovery and I am still here”. We hear this all the time. We are not asking for our guests to make St Paul their permanent home but it happens because of the amazing community that supports recovery like none other in the country. From top providers of services, a vibrant and active AA/NA community to our beautiful weather we are proud to call St Paul home. Yes Dec-Feb can be chilly but we make the best of it at LHB with sponsored recovery Pickelball, a night at a local escape room or a Wild hockey game with our sober friends. As far as spring-summer-fall we have it all in St Paul. Sober softball league, amazing theatre and 10,0000 lakes. LHB is ten minutes to Delta hub MSP airport, 10 min to the University of Minnesota campus and just up the hill from downtown St Paul. Cathedral Hill is a beautiful and historic neighborhood we are proud to be part of.


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